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    Updated On: Jun 13, 2008

    Approximately 60% of our members are not registered to vote. In the last general election, only 25% of Local 786 members who were registered to vote actually took the time to do so. We must do better. Being a Union member, we should know that every vote counts and for every vote that is not cast is a vote against what we believe in. The most common excuse for not voting is that it really doesn't matter. How wrong is that? Imagine what could happen if we were able to get everyone of our members and their families who were not registered to become registered and vote. And imagine what could happen if we could get all of our members and their families who are registered and just don't vote, to actually vote. Think of the power and message that could be sent to our political leaders. The middle class is often referred to as the silent majority, and we are. By being the silent majority, we are watching the middle class slowly disappear. Don't you think it's about time we stop being silent? The only way we can speak loud and be heard is by voting. By being silent and not voting, this is what we have gained over the last eight years:

    • Gas prices over $4.00 per gallon
    • Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to outsourcing overseas
    • Home foreclosures at an all time high
    • The cost of feeding our families at an all time high
    • Health care at an all time high
    • Retirement securities at an all time low
    • The middle class dwindling away

    The American dream is slipping away. If the current policies continue, the middle class will be eliminated. If you are as upset as we are with the way our economy is going and our voices not being heard by our politicians, then it's time to be heard. Speak out loud and clear! Register to vote! VOTE! Your Vote does count and does make a difference. Local 786 is doing something about this problem. We are in the process of training registrars. We have brothers and sisters from Local 786 who have volunteered to be trained to register voters. Once this is done, we will set dates for any of our members and their families who are not registered to vote to become registered. We will make a difference. We will be heard

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