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      What's New at IBT 786
      A contract proposal meet has been set for members working under the Northern Illinois Ready Mix and Material Agreement (NIRMMA), which includes Ozinga Illinois, Ozinga Chicago, VCNA Prairie Materials, Welsch Reaady Mix and Willie Bros. The meeting will be held at the Local 705 Auditorium Building at Teamster City at 12:00 p.m. Read More...
      Please click on the attached document for information you need to know if you plan on taking unemployment this winter. Read More...
      Download: Unemployment Benefits.pdf
      Effective August 1, 2018 the fifty cent ($0.50) per hour allocation for benefits will be allocated to the Health and Welfare Fund. This will increase the current contributions of $307.00 per week to $327.00 per week for any member working under this Agreement who performs work on any two (2) days in any one (1) week regardless of hours worked. Read More...
      As a new year starts, the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 786 would like to thank the membership for their confidence and support. At the October nomination meeting for officers, the current officers of Local 786 were nominated without opposition for the term of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2020. The Executive Board will continue to represent our members to the best of our ability, and continue negotiating the strongest contracts in the industries we represent, as well as maintain the strongest benefits that our members and their families depend on. Over the last term, our members saw significant wage increases, with the highest wages across all industries represented by Local 786. The Executive Board improved Health and Welfare benefits, including raising short term disability benefits to $400.00 per week, increasing calendar year dental benefits to $3500.00 per person, increasing Life Insurance to $75,000, implementing the “My Benny” card with a portion of your Health and Welfare contribution (up to $520.00 annually) being applied to the card to help you and your family cover medical expenses and limiting out of pocket costs to $4000.00 per family. This happened during a time when most families working Union or Non Union jobs were seeing coverages reduced and costs rising. This Executive Board remains committed to maintain and improving benefits which our members and their families deserve and expect. During the last term, the Executive Board increased maximum pension credits for members working under the Local 786 Building Material Pension Fund to an industry leading forty (40) credits, while maintain the true 30 and out, $1100.00 per credit after 15 years based on Covered Employment under the Local 786 Building Material Pension Fund lump sum and the $600.00 per month supplement for five years or until age sixty five with 30 or more pension credits. While other Locals struggle to maintain or decrease pension benefits, all of Local 786 pensions are and have been in the “green zone” as determined by the Department of Labor. Looking toward 2018, the Officers and Staff of Local 786 wish you and your family a safe, prosperous and healthy 2018.
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