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  • The Employee Free Choice Act
    Updated On: Jun 25, 2008


    The Employee Free Choice Act is legislation that would allow workers to have a free choice and fair chance to join a Union without the fear of employer retaliation. The legislation would allow workers to join a Union through majority sign-up, secure a contract within a reasonable time and penalize employers who violate their workers rights.


    Simply out, workers are struggling to survive in this country. CEO's are lavishly paid, and receive golden parachutes while working families continue to struggle. The Employee Free Choice Act will restore the ability of workers to join a Union, receive fair wages, have a voice in their workplace, and negotiate for health and pension benefits as well as job security. It will restore hope to achieve the American Dream.

    Protecting the right to join a Union is protecting the American worker from greedy corporations. It is no coincidence that corporations and the current administration are no friends of labor, and as Union membership falls, the result is lower pay, poor benefits and little to no job security. Polls say that 60 million workers say they want to join a Union, but don't because they fear losing their jobs or retaliation from their employer. Did you know that Union workers generally earn 30 % more than their non-union counterparts. Union workers are 63% more likely to have employer provided health and pension benefits. Without this legislation, the American working families will continue to erode.


    First you can contact your State Senators and Congressmen and tell them to support the Employee Free Choice Act. If you don't know who your representatives are, find the Contact Congress box in the right column of the Human Rights page, enter your Zip Code, and click. Then you can go to and sign the petition to submit the form. Then send it to as many people you know to do the same. Let politicians know we care, that it's time American working families get to make their own choice, that we're tired of having Corporate America force their will on the American workers.

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